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Naal Souq Co.,Ltd. 

+66 90 995 8330 (Arabic) - Mr. Ahmad

+66 91 702 9073 (English) - Mr. Andy

Why Choose Us?

A.S MAHARAJA is a name synonymous with footwear from the last 40 years. With simple beginnings, we have over the time understood the intricacies of footwear and have incorporated the latest scientific advances in arabic sandal for our customers comfort.

We started out as a trading export house. Over the years of supplying quality footwear, we have inevitably pushed forward into manufacturing. Our motto "That the customer comes first" has greatly contributed in getting repeat orders. Our strict quality control, in-depth understanding of our customers needs and most importantly competitive pricing, has made us a reliable partner with our clients.

We have an in-house arabic sandal designing & development team, to meet the varied requirements of our clientele and adapt to any changes that the customer may require. We market our footwear under the brand name "Silver" & "B.Bristoni" for arabic sandals which is a trend setter. We also undertake oem manufacturing for the customer's licensed brand names too.

Keeping in line with modern trend, we have ventured into the online world under the name of "Naal Souq", where our clients can order their choice of arabic sandal from the luxury of their homes. All orders receive our best attention and goods are shipped on time. For all your queries regarding our products, please contact us. 

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